Paige Maynard

I was born in: Lexington, KY

I have worked at Bella Notte/Bella Forno for: 8 years

My alma matter or school I am enrolled in: Tates Creek High School

My family members are: Caitlyn, Michael, Beth, and Andy

My favorite menu item: Porkchop with side pasta

My Hobbies are: studying to be an Esthetician

Favorite Movie: Now & Then

Favorite Book: Big Little Lies

Favorite place to shop: Aerie

My spirit animal is: Cat for sure

Three words to describe me are: Enthusiastic, Goofy and Optimistic

My favorite thing about working here is: My coworkers and my regulars. And eating all the food.

A funny memory from a day of work here: There are too many to count